Power BI helps leading organizations around the world drive business insights that help them stay competitive. The Technology Excellence Group is a leading provider of ERP, CRM, Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence tools and is equipped with the technical expertise, business insights and resources to get you up and running with PowerBI. Our vendor agnostic approach helps hundred of customer to chose what is best for their business model and how they leverage to achieve business goals.


Bring Your Data to Life with Power BI

Power BI is a self-service business intelligence solution delivered through Excel, Office 365 and Dynamics 365. It takes your company’s data and brings it together for analysis, dashboarding, reporting and collaboration through an intuitive, visually rich experience.

Built and optimized for cloud and mobile, Power BI makes it easy to analyze and visualize data, uncover insights and track data over time to help you make better business decisions. Transform, shape and merge your data into compelling and interactive reports. Deploy quickly at cloud scale, and rest easy knowing that you are in complete control of your cost with a flexible, subscription-based pricing model.

         A single view of critical Business data      

                 Interactive visually rich dashboards and reports 

                     Cloud and mobile optimized

Power BI enables you to monitor your business at a glance and get answers to critical business questions quickly.

  • Connect data from multiple online and on-premise data sources
  • Analyze data to uncover business insights
  • Create dashboards and reports with modern, interactive visualization
  • Share reports and collaborate seamlessly
  • Use natural language to query and analyze data
  • Extend the platform to create custom visualizations using PowerBI’s API
  • Be informed: always real time
  • Ask questions, get answers
  • Curated content, just for your organization
  • End chaos: Everyone on the same page
  • Make data-driven decisions, from anywhere
  • Integrate with Power BI