Mobile Field Force

Mobile Field Force Cloud Solution

Technology Excellence Field Force Solution platform/product provides cloud based mobile application solution to plan and track field staff productivity. Solution provides functionality of mobile sales and marketing activities, stock audit of retail stores/wholesale, loyalty programs and points tracking, location tracking connected to business analytics for Business Intelligence reporting.  User can download application from cloud and based on company provided credentials they can use application via mobile network 3G/4G and fulfill business objective.Application provides a configurable platform for building further mobile based field force solution for different industries and specific needs.  

Salient features are;

       Mobile field force solution covering mobile based sales, stock audit and survey management

       Client-server & cloud-based application and deployment architecture

Integration layer to integrate with organizational system to automate and streamline process.


       Products & policies Management

       Roles base security management

       Integration with ERP/Core Organizational system

       Customer/prospect Management

       Support to add custom attributes dynamically


      Sales staff Attendance tracking functionality with geo-location to avoid any less productive or false reporting

       Survey/feedback questionnaire and answer configuration, input and analysis functionality for business/process improvement

       Analytics: Built in & on the fly data analysis though Power BI dashboards.

  •    Offline application processing support