Textile & Apparel

Dynamics 365 Industry Solution for Textile & Apparel

A vertical solution designed for the fashion, retail, footwear and textile sector, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, the cutting edge of innovation for the business of your company.The solution addresses the need of the fashion business while defining in a very efficient way seasonal products that decline in a high number of variations.

 It allows you to define code structures, code templates and attach to it technical and commercial data specific to the product category.You can take control of costs and profitability, integrate material, item, order, and cost information with comprehensive financial management and reporting tools. You can increase agility with adaptable processes for sourcing, manufacturing and shipment allocations.


Some of Salient features are;

       Style based, size & Color based product definition, Finished & Semi Finished product, Product variants, Textile & Apparel Industry based product information

       Automatic BOM and Route Variants generation, BOM Versioning, Product and BOM automatic color and size matching, Route Templates for different Articles, Formula based production capacity calculation based on product & machine technical attributes

       Customer Order fulfillment from Inventory, outsourcing/procurement or from In-house production

       Process/operation outsourcing/conversion planning & Tracking and Cost Management & Tracking

       Style, Size, Color based Material demand Planning, based on forecast, customer order, re-order level and user driven

       Order based material reservation and Issuance. Size wise stock reservation, Packing & Shipment

       Quality: Fault tracking, QA certificate, Visual defect Reporting

       Local Purchase & Imports: Local/Imports POs, Consignments, GD Rates, Estimated and Actual Cost, Landed Cost Calculation & Inventory Valuation

       Cotton Purchase : Bales based Purchasing, actual & average bale based Cotton, cotton Groups and batch Tracking and Issuance, Trash/Moisture tacking, Parameters, Lab Results Tracking

       Finished Goods Inventory: Size and Color based apparel packing, Receiving & Issuance, Fabric Rolls & Folds inventory, shade sequence based inventory, cotton bags tracking

       Mobile based shop floor tracking: Daily production tracking, Job Card, WIP & Material Status Tracking, Cuts/Bundles Tracking

       Integration with RFID: Order Status Update through RFID system, rolls Scanning and Tracking,

       OMNI Channel Enablement for e-business